The Birthday Party

Well a year sure went by fast! We couldn’t believe it but it was already time to celebrate BooBoo Kitty, Ballsy and Mo’s first birthday! We decided to make it a real party. We got several cans of tuna and I made a whole bag of mussels without any seasoning. I thought it might be fun for the cats to get the meat out of the shells and if it made a mess, well that’s why we were having it in the backyard!


Momma and Mo went for the tuna first thing.



momommaloveyheadsThe mussles in the shell turned out to be kind of too complicated for everyone. We tried putting them on the ground and everyone sniffed them but didn’t really know how to approach the whole thing.


When we took them out of the shell, Ballsy started eating them like it was his job.


There were paper bags to play with and cats in bags to have a smack at so double the fun.


Towards the end of the party, who showed up but Daddy! Superbad was barely seen all summer, and even when he is he generally ran away if he heard Joe or me at all, but he came to the yard and looked at this three orange boys having a birthday party and seemed to appreciate how far his sons had come in the world, from the feral babies of feral parents to…cats that have a birthday party.


Mo, however, seemed a bit unwilling to forgive his deadbeat dad.


As dusk fell the brothers stalked and wrestled in the weed jungle patch.


All in all a good party and fun times were had by all.


CONTINUE STORY…Goodbye Mosey Pants