Goodbye Mosey Pants

lying-down-moI haven’t updated the blog in a while because we had a loss in the family. The day after the birthday party, Mo went missing. I knew something was wrong right away when Ballsy was hanging out in the kitchen without him. That was on a Friday night. He was still missing the whole next Saturday and by Sunday we were wandering the streets of our neighborhood shaking bowls of kibble and calling for him, to no avail.

On the Monday, so that’s the 26th of September, I was out. Joe went int the backyard and saw Mo staggering towards him. His breathing was heavy and he seemed confused. Joe went and got him some food. Mo ate, and seemed to snap out of his haze, but then he collapsed and there was blood pouring out of his nose.

Joe scooped him up and rushed him to an emergency vet. Mo had suffered a stroke. Three days in intensive care and $1300 later, Mo was getting prepped to come home. He was removed from the ventilator and was breathing on his own when he had another stroke and died.

Goodby Mo. My Mosey Pants. I miss your little ‘come pay attention to me’ dance and song. You were my kitchen buddy and your brothers miss you.


Mo was the total middle child: Goofy, always trying to get his big brother and little brother to get along, but not above messing with the little guy, Mo was the one who figured out that Boo is attached to a leash and you could control him with it.


I am glad we tried to save Mo. If he had been able to come home it would have been worth whatever financial hardship we suffered. Now though, we had a crippling vet bill and no cat. A few people suggested a GoFundMe. It was a little embarrassing but we were in quite a rough spot, so we tried it. Amazingly, we received donations from people I know in real life as well as people I only know on social media. As a sign of our gratitude, we decided to ask everyone who contributed to name one of the cats in our alley.

My third grade teacher named his fellow Oliver which I think he likes better than Regular Gray and White Cat, which is what we were calling him.


My best friend Alex named this beauty Megalo, and we think he deserves his own name instead of simply being known as Genius Cat’s Dad.


My coworker Claudia, who lives on the other side of the country and whom I work with infrequently, which I only mention to indicate how touched I was by her gesture, named this fellow Henry. He’s glad to no longer be called Other Ugly Cat.


My friend Reid, who I only know via the internet due to our shared efforts to save the planet from Orange Hitler named this fellow Neville, which is nicer than Not Genius Cat.


And my yoga buddy Stephanie named this shy sweetie Sam, after Sam the Eagle muppet, and because of Seinfeld I ended up calling him Samuel so this is Samuel the Eagle Cat. Sam is very shy and very sweet and has a heart shaped nose. We kind of extra love Sam.


My mom, who came through with all of the remaining $700, named a cat Princess after my childhood dog, but as it turns out Princess is the bodega cat of the deli on my corner I don’t go into any more since he announced he supported Government Employee #45 so we need to come up with a new cat for that name.

We still miss Mo very much but are incredibly grateful to everyone who offered their support both emotional and financial. It was very moving to see that other people care about our silly alley beasties.