BooBoo Kitty Comes to Live Inside

So, OK now my boyfriend Joe has a lot of really great qualities. Listening to me isn’t always one of them. He was convinced that the sick kitten would tolerate being caught and medicated three times a day. It worked once. After that, BooBoo was still in love with Joe and fascinated by him but wanted to keep some distance between them. As his eye was only getting worse, it was apparent BooBoo was going to have to come live inside.

Remember, we’re not cat people and certainly not cat-catching experts. Joe tried again to catch BooBoo. BooBoo did not want to be caught.  Joe got him firmly one time and started heading inside, but that tiny little kitten body found super human strength and multi-dimensional squirming abilities and clawed and twisted his way free, galloping not just to the next yard over but out of sight. Calico Lady Momma was not ready to let any of her babies disappear like that. It was dark outside, and luckily for all of us, she also had not seen Joe try and grab BooBoo so when he came back outside with a flashlight she was happy for his help in the search party. Momma and Joe searched the backyards and alleyways together, Momma meowing and Joe aiming the flashlight, until BooBoo was found by the garbage cans in the front of the house a few houses over. At which point BooBoo was pretty sick of being lost and let her lick and nudge him back home.

We let another day go by and once again BooBoo’s abiding adoration of Joe overcame his resentment at having been the victim of an attempted kittennapping. As soon as he was back to his regular snuggly self, this time Joe was ready, quickly bundling BooBoo up in a sweatshirt and bringing him inside.

As it happened, we had a large spare pet cage we could put him in. We put the cage in a quiet place in the basement and covered it so he could calm down. His one companion was one of our pet Emerald Toucanets, Floyd. This is Floyd.


Floyd found the strange crying creature under the sheet a frustrating conversationalist. Floyd kept saying “Mmrp Mmrp Mmrp” which probably means something like “What are you? Why are you crying? Don’t you have any fruit?” And BooBoo kept responding, “Mrooooooooooooo. Mrooooooooooo.” Which mean something like, “I’m very lost and quite terrified and I think I’m about to be eaten. Where’s my MOMMA?”

Momma was in fact wandering around outside quite sure she shouldn’t have lost that silly kitten AGAIN but somehow she had. Everyone was miserable.

On the second night, we moved BooBoo upstairs. this move did not increase his happiness. Nothing was going to increase his happiness besides being returned to his Momma and his brothers and that wasn’t going to happen.


BooBoo is quite sure everything is TURRIBLE and he’s probably going to be eaten, November 7, 2015

His eye was a mess. He was miserable. He wouldn’t stop crying. I started worrying about disturbing the neighbors. It was like having a human baby. Just when I was at my wit’s end, Joe discovered a two hour video of a momma cat purring on Youtube. We played the recording for BooBoo and finally, thank goodness, the poor sad baby went to sleep.

Up till this point, he didn’t have a name. My allergies and asthma made us certain that he wasn’t going to stay here. We were hoping that the medication would get rid of the infection and before long he’d be on to a new home. Since he was a kitty, and he had a booboo, and I’m a fan of the TV show Empire, I thought I’d capitalize on the nickname of one of the show’s characters and jump on that hashtag, thus getting us more exposure and hopefully finding a home for him. Thus, BooBoo Kitty was named.

In an effort to make him feel less lonely, we got him a bear. The bear was a hit. BooBoo immediately climbed up on Bear, listened to the video of someone else’s momma purring, and relaxed.


We gave him one more night of chilling in the house and then it was time to start with the medication. Thanks to the internet, we discovered the Kitten Burrito.

The first two nights were rough, but one thing that was unwavering was BooBoo Kitten’s love for Joe. He couldn’t really imagine that anything Joe was going to do to him could be that bad for Boo. After BooBoo got his medication, we would feed him warmed pureed homemade cat food from a spoon.

After being fed, BooBoo was content to watch football with Joe. Another stroke of luck for us: BooBoo was good luck for the Jets.

As the days went on, BooBoo became more and more accustomed to living indoors. His momma, however, was having some issues. We were her landlords, her protectors, and most importantly, her source of daily breakfast. However, she’s a smart cat, a loving momma and possessing excellent hearing and sense of smell. She was pretty sure we had her baby, but wasn’t sure how to bring it up. We could see her trying to handle the matter without causing offense. She was like, “Umm, excuse me, I don’t want to sound ungrateful or anything, but is it possible you have one small kitten in there that belongs to me?”


We did. Sorry Momma!