Boo Becomes a Pirate

During the week we waited for the surgery, BooBoo nodded around the house like a doped-up little kitten.

I could tell it was because he didn’t feel good, but it was sweet to have this soft little furball seeking me out all day.

Sometimes the crust of crap over his eye would slough off and it would look like the medication was working and there was an eye under there.


But within a day or two it would look just as bad as always.



We could tell he was in pain and drugged out and unhappy and we were relieved when finally it was time for the surgery.

Joe left BooBoo at the ASPCA on the Thursday, and paced all night waiting to go back and get Boo the next day. He was calling them by 9 AM. “Can I just come and get my cat?”

He got tired of waiting at home before they said BooBoo was ready and headed into the city; by the time he got there BooBoo was ready to come home.

Before getting on the train, Joe and booBoo stopped at the PetCo and Joe bought boo the toy he reached for, which was a stuffed brown rat. BooBoo loved that brown rat. It was good he had a snuggle toy he liked, because he needed all the comforting he could get. He looked, frankly, worse than I had expected. By a long shot.

20151211_191418 (1)

BooBoo Home from Surgery, December 11, 2015


BooBoo Home from Surgery, December 11, 2015

The seriousness of his operation was confirmed by the large supply of pain medication and antibiotics Joe brought home with him, the does of antibiotics was soo much for such a little kitten!


I wasn’t sure if BooBoo was going to be scared and freaked out from his ordeal when he came home and want torun under the bed but the first thing he did was climb onto his cage and mew for me to come pick him up so I did. Between that and his jumping on Joe’s shoulder at the vet’s, there was basically no way we were getting rid of Boo at this point.

For the first few days, BooBoo felt too sick to argue much and took his meds easily, but once he started feeling better he was far less of a fan, but we completed all the medications and even by his second day home was starting to enjoy chews and belly rubs despite his cone.


BooBoo starting to feel better, December 12, 2015

Before the surgery, we were worried about him running around and making his eye worse. With the eye gone and the cone on, we were able to let him climb on things and proclaim his cat dominance.

post op boo

We got him a whole lot of toys to play with while he was recovering

And carried him around in my designer purse if that’s what made him happy.

20151217_105222 (1)

After two weeks, finally BooBoo was done with the cone, done with his meds, and done with being a sick little kitten. BooBoo the Pirate was ready to roll!


BooBoo enjoys life without his cone, December 28, 2015


BooBoo has a stretch, December 21. 2015