St. Marks Cats Daily Cat Update

I love this little furman beyond reason but dang if Genius Cat isn’t on a major pee-athon. He barrels his way into the kitchen and will pee on something before I can even close the screen behind him. I’ve been very careful about letting him into the living room ever since three days ago he snuck in and peed on the curtain in like two seconds and four days ago he peed on Boo’s leash. But this morning there was some paper on the floor in the kitchen and when he came in for Banana Time he started peeing right away.  The paper, packing material from grocery deliveries, is something that we leave there because he and Boo like to play on it and if Genius Cat pees on it we just throw it away and Febreeze the house. 18209257_10211658764801086_1993717811254317692_o


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