Boo was Naked and A Cat!

I had to be in Queens to get my hair done at 11:30 and the Weekend MTA does not wish people to freely travel from Brooklyn to Queens so I was rushing out the door when Ballsy came for a snack. Now, ever since two weeks ago Ballsy got bitten on the foot (Joe blames Little Thirsty, I have my doubts) and he didn’t come to the window for four whole days and then when he did still seemed emotionally shaky, I go out of my way to make sure Ballsy knows he’s welcome and also to make sure that Boo doesn’t come bite him on his neck and make him squeal. So Ballsy came to the window as I was leaving and I told Joe that Ballsy was here with the window open but it wasn’t him that let Ballsy in and he had to get out the door as well so he well forgot. And left to go to the store.

When he came back, Boo did not come greet him at the door. In a minute he realized the window was open and Boo was…where?

As he was on his way to the backyard one of those horrible ESCO scam companies showed up at our door but that’s another story that does not involve one of them getting punched when they tried to attack Joe and shove their way into the house.

Boo was looking at the garage where Little Thirsty lives. Of course he came right over as soon as Joe got to the backyard. We fuss over Boo going out without a leash but Boo has no idea what the big deal is — he was born in the backyard, he’s not about to get lost there. He’s thinking: “How do you get lost when you have a twitchy pink nose that works very well thank you? The whole middle of the block smells generally like home and that obnoxious stinkbutt cat who comes in and plays with my banana has made sure the whole area has a very distinctive scent.  I don’t WANT to get lost! I sleep on feet and my feet for sleeping are attached to Papa and Papa sleeps inside my house so I’m not GOING anywhere!” But we prefer him on a leash when he goes outside because he’s our Boo and we worry.

This is how we like to see Boo outside.

boo leash

Ballsy gets to go where he likes outside but he has two eyes and lives in the basement so it’s different.




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