The Saint Marks Cats Daily Update

This is the first post in what’s supposed to be a series. I tend to procrastinate full length blog posts so I’m declaring my intention to post a nearly-daily update of the goings on of the cats in the alley. Sometimes there will be pictures but I’m not going to hold an update hostage for photos.

So here we go, first Daily Update: Solid Gray Cat has a name of his/her own! Henceforth, Solid Gray Cat shall be known as Scary Panther Cat because I heard someone trying to lift the kitchen screen and I assumed it was Joe so I went into the kitchen to see if he needed anything and it was this large solid gray animal with gold eyes trying to lift the screen — he doesn’t live here AT ALL. He’s totally feral. Where you think you’re going, cat? He wasn’t hungry, there was food on the Cat Condo. Maybe he’s a lady and was looking for a place to have babies. Either way he or she is now named Scary Panther.

Yesterday, Samuel the Eagle Cat came thisclose to coming to the window for rubs. He’s a cat who is comprised of 40% fear, the rest of him is quivery pink nose, big bat ears and giant Elijah Wood eyes. He’s been dancing around the concept of rubs for a while now, trying to screw up the courage. He at Greenies off the windowsill and sniffed my hand and that was a big deal for him.

Also yesterday Megalo came to the window for rubs, which he hasn’t done for a long time. He’s not looking great. I gave him some flea medication. It’s possible he should go to the vet but there are several reasons he should not, ranging from the fact that we don’t have the money to that we don’t have the money. He ate a lot of wet food so he can’t be doing that badly.

Before I got a chance to post this, Sam let me pet him!!! This was very exciting. Here’s Samuel the Eagle Cat. You’d be excited to pet him too!



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